Sunday, March 28, 2010

Ocean Queen Resort

* Picture copyright by FF, taken in Pelabuhan Ratu, March 2010

The Ocean Queen Resort in Pelabuhan Ratu, West Java, Indonesia could be an option for those of you in Jakarta looking to spend a weekend out of the city and have some fun at the beach. It's a 4 hour drive from the city, through the Jagorawi toll road, via Sukabumi and choose either the Cibadak or Citarik route. The road in Cibadak is a bit bigger but more crowded, while the Citarik route is filled with steep zig-zags but there are less cars and you can see the view of oil palm and rubber plantations on the road sides.

The resort is not directly located in the town area of Pelabuhan Ratu or near the Cimaja surfing spot, but it is more located in Cisolok, which is about 11 km from the town.

Their Javanese-type bungalows are nice and clean, and the 4-bedroom with AC with 2 bathrooms outside with hot showers per night costs about IDR 1.400.000 (USD 150) but you can easily squeeze 15 people in one bungalow because it is rather spacious so it's quite a bargain.

Since it is a private beach, there's not much people around. So if you're looking for some peace and quiet, this place is recommended. But if you're looking to strut your new bikini, have some eager eyes to drool on you (as if I'm drool-worthy) and expect some quick romance then better take the next plane to Bali.

*moment of silence*

Anyways. The undercurrent there was very strong and the waves break too close to the beach so it's not good for surfing at all. Body boarding might be plausible but it wouldn't be much fun either. I tried to body board without the board and yes, it was a bad idea. You can rent the board from the resort but yes, I'm a scrooge. The results: expect some sand burn on your stomach afterwards. Swimming is okay but personally I wont recommend it for children or for those of you who are not accustomed with strong waves. The resort has their own swimming pool so you can swim there as well.

*Picture copyright by FF, taken in March 2010

The seafood barbecue for dinner is recommended. They have someone to grill those shrimps and ikan kue outside of your bungalow, and its a set complete with white rice, soup, and cah kangkong. Bintang beers and wine are available, but better that you check beforehand. Afterwards they clean up for the dishes in your bungalow because each bungalow has a bungalow boy/girl that takes care of the cleaning there.

Would I go there again? Yes, but I would probably go there with more crowd and take some time to get around the area. I hear there's the Halimun National Park, a bat cave and a hot spring in Cisolok - so maybe next time.

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