Friday, April 30, 2010

Eating the King of Fruits for Dummies

*Picture copyright by FF, taken on November 2009

The world is categorized into two people: those who love durians and hate them. I fall into the latter category.

My late grandfather always say that when you eat a durian, it's like farting while eating sugar. It's a very sweet and meaty fruit, but the odor makes you want to run away to the nearest supermarket and buy all the air-freshener available. Ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but some countries do ban durian in hotels, elevators, and public transports.

Durian is a native fruit of the island of Borneo, and since I was staying at a friend's house during my trip to Palangkaraya, we were offered a durian party. We had to have the party (not too exciting, I tell you) on the rooftop, because if we eat it inside the house, well, go figure. Since it will be very rude to my hosts if I decline to eat the durian, thus I brave myself into the depths of fart-sugar heaven and/or hell.

At that moment, I learned the trick to eating durian for beginners is to drink water from the shell of the durian afterwards. This is a Dayak traditional knowledge that has been passed on from ages, and it actually does help to neutralize the smell and acid from the durian.

Well, nobody looks good while eating a durian. But if the Durian Producers Association* would hire Julia Roberts as their spokesperson and she still looks as beautiful as she is, I guess that would nullify my hypotheses.

My review about durian is definitely biased, but you should try eating one nevertheless. And if you do, please don't drink alcohol after consuming durian. It might kill you.

*Disclaimer: I don't know if such association exists. I made this up.

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