Sunday, May 02, 2010

Off to Sebangau National Park

*Picture copyright by FF, taken from Kereng Bangkirai harbor on November 2009

From Palangkaraya, if you want to go to Sebangau National Park (Taman Nasional Sebangau in Bahasa Indonesia), you will need to go to Kereng Bangkirai Harbor (take a taxi or ask someone to take you there) and from the harbor it will take about an hour or so on a speedboat or three hours on a regular fishing boat like the picture above. If you want to go to Sebangau National Park, consult the Sebangau National Park management office branch in Palangkaraya beforehand and they will give you the list of prices and you will stay in SSI camp. We took the speedboat which costs roughly per trip IDR 225,000 (30 liters of gasoline included) and the speedboat driver for IDR 75,000, totaling to IDR 300,000. But thanks to the nice people in WWF, the speedboat was for free because we "boat-hiked" with them on their way for their routine field visit.

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