Sunday, May 02, 2010

Peat Land Canal Blocking

*Picture copyright by FF, taken on November 2009

In the past, peat land forests have been degraded as a result of forest exploitation, and canals were built to extract the timber (legal and/or sadly illegal) out of the forest and into the river for easier transport. If the peat lands are dry, they can get burned easily thus emitting many carbon emissions into the air. That is why WWF, the Sebangau National Park Management and the local communities have jointly built dams or canal blocking systems to leverage the ground water level and preserve the water in the dry season. This method will moisten the soil, prevent forest and land fire and in turn encourage natural revegetation around the dam.

*Picture copyright by FF, taken on November 2009

In the long run, I think making these canal blocking for eco-tourism might be an option. Care for a swim?

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