Thursday, July 01, 2010

Kawangkoan Coffee Stop

After the gruesome sight in Tomohon Market, we continued to Kawangkoan in order to see Bukit Kasih, another religion-based tourist attraction in North Sulawesi. But before that, we stopped by the road to buy some Kawangkoan peanuts, which I recently knew that peanuts were the thing to buy if you go there. Besides the peanuts, make sure to drop by at Rumah Kopi Gembira for the great coffee, brewed from local beans, and the steamed buns. Oh, the steamed buns. We tried the steamed buns filled with mung beans (Bakpao Temo') and it is by far the most delicious steamed buns I've ever tasted. You can also try the pork-filled steamed buns (Bakpao Ba'), but we skipped that.

So I bought some steamed buns for souvenir snacks. Keep them refrigerated, and it is still eatable by a week - but make sure you steam them again before you eat them. We also wanted to buy some coffee beans, but unfortunately a man came just before us and bought the last of them :(

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