Thursday, June 17, 2010

Patuno Resort, Wakatobi

Would’ve loved to get around Wakatobi, but since I was only there for a day, I only made my trip to Patuno Resort, a relatively new four-star resort located in Wangi-wangi Island, approximately 5 km from Matahora Airport.

Three types of rooms: Standard (IDR 500,000/night), Deluxe (IDR 750,000/night) and Executive (IDR 1,000,000/night). The rooms are clean and fully air-conditioned, bathrooms are supposed to have hot water but apparently it didn’t work, but it’s clean nevertheless. Expect power outages to happen, because the island is having electrical problems as a whole.

Food is great. They have a select of local and western food, but don’t expect the western food too much, because they have a hard time with the ingredients stock - must be due to difficult logistics. I tried the Nasi Goreng Tomia and the Kakap Merah Goreng/Bakar. Price is mid-range.

The resort offers a range of recreational activities, i.e. diving, snorkeling, sightseeing, etc. A word of advice, don’t snorkel right away after you have lunch. An idiot tried to do that and gave the food that she ate to the fishes due to seasick. Yes, that idiot would be me.

Too bad the weather was very cloudy and rainy, otherwise the visibility of the corals would be perfect. Maybe next time I should prepare my visit by looking at the weather predictions beforehand. Well, I know it might not work - nobody can predict the weather nowadays but it’s worth a try.

The Patuno Resort is indeed expensive, since it is targeted for the mid-upper class range anyway. I was lucky that I stayed there for free, and if I do come to Wakatobi I’d rather go the budget range (read: my range). But the place is perfect for those of you who do want leisure and relaxation - plus, they have honeymoon packages! The area also doesn’t have any cellphone coverage - perfect for those of you who are indeed having their getaway (but not for those who needs to be on call 24/7).

Info: contact for resevation - Patapulo Makassar: (0411) 442021/440409, Patapulo Kendari: (0401) 330883/331082/3131883, Patapulo Wakatobi: 08114002221/085241806574 (with Ani).

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